Out of your depth

| Categories: Adventure, Attitude, Fear

Being “out of your depth” is a preemptive excuse used by people who are afraid of failing. It’s a fear-based mechanism to let everyone know that your current situation is new and challenging for you and you might suck at … Continued

Don’t Just Think Big; Do Big

| Categories: Adventure, Attitude, Change

Think big. If you’re anything like me (and you are reading my website so I think that’s a fair assumption) then you’ve probably heard those two words plenty of times before. Hell, you’ve probably even had several people tell you … Continued

Brutal Honesty

| Categories: Attitude, Change, Personality, Relationships

I considered starting this off by saying that honesty plays a very important role in living a happy, positive and successful life but that just doesn’t justify the importance of honesty. Honesty is the cornerstone of all positive relationships and … Continued

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