One Year of

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Today marks the anniversary of when I began this site, one whole year ago. It’s been a fun and exciting journey. I’ve tried a few different things, grown a lot as an individual, and developed my writing skills. Plus I’d … Continued

Spam, Comments and Forums

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Spammers on the internet are indiscriminate. They target everyone. I’ve been getting more and more spam comments each day, and the sheer number I have to delete is getting overwhelming. It’s very frustrating and led me to decide that I … Continued

Wedding Time! Back in 4 Weeks

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Apparently planning a wedding is way more time consuming than I thought it would be. As such I haven’t really had much time to do anything for this site. And I don’t foresee being able to contribute more whilst lounging … Continued

6 Month Site Stats

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6 Months ago I started this website with the goal of writing high quality content that would challenge myself and my readers and encourage positive personal development. Overall I feel that I have been at least partially successful. I know … Continued

My First 3 Months

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Time certainly has flown by – it has been 3 months since I started this website and I feel like I have developed significantly over that period. 3 months of dedicated personal development and physical experiments will do that I … Continued


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The flood waters have receded, the cleanup is well underway, and I have successfully moved into my new house. Time for me to unveil what is all about. In a nutshell this site is about personal development – physical, … Continued